Historic Route 66 in Shamrock, TX

We have enjoyed driving on Route 66 as we traveled through Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and now New Mexico.

It is very skinny…with 9 foot lanes, Roy estimates.

We took a jaunt east of Shamrock, TX to see an original concrete bridge (I’m married to a civil engineer. It’s what we do for kicks sometime!) The bridge was less than exciting, but it was fun to see Roy do a turn-around on the whole highway.

So, Shamrock has a restored Conoco gas station that inspired the animators of the movie Cars.

Next to it is the visitors’ bureau, in the former U-drop-Inn. The town and the foundation restored the cafe to its Art Deco splendor.

We toured the local historical society in the former Reynolds Hotel. They had newspaper clippings about the night Bonnie and Clyde missed a detour and ended up in a county ditch, many quilts, dozens of dolls, WWI and WWII uniforms and purloined German and Japanese flags. And lots of stuff that people give them as they downsize!!

Finally, another gas station called the Magnolia.

A beautiful sunny day.


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