Visiting family in El Salvador

Our daughter gave birth to our grandson, Martin, the end of July. We were finally able to fly down for a visit Oct. 3-10, 2019.

We left the trailer in a very tight RV park and the Volvo truck at a truck service center to work on a list of 10 things that Roy wanted looked at. We joke that we spent $3700 to save $120 in long term parking fees at the airport!

Here’s a picture of our truck and trailer for those of you have just joined my blog.

The non-stop flight from Dallas to San Salvador is 3.5 hours. A driver that Carol had pre-arranged picked us up and took us straight to our Airbnb.

From the Airbnb, it was about a three mile drive to Carol and Tony’s home even though we could see the apartment building from her house. We had to go around a highway and historic Santa Tecla.

So, here’s the little guy being held by Roy. He’s about 9.5 pounds and is holding his head up more and more each day.

Roy installed a doggie gate across one section of the house while we were there. He was drilling into concrete, so we had ear protection for Martin.

Here’s the only picture of the 3 of them we took in one week of visiting! Unfortunately, Carol’s face is fuzzy. I have asked for another clearer one and will sub it out.

All too soon, it was time to leave. We hope to return to El Salvador in late January or February.

It’s great to be a grandparent.


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