Santa Fe

We spent one day in downtown Santa Fe and packed it full.

First, we toured the Georgia O’Keefe museum. Nine rooms contained about 80 O’Keefe pieces – pastels, watercolors, photographs, drawings, and paintings – and ten large, sensual ceramic pieces created by Ken Price of Taos, New Mexico.

I didn’t take any pictures inside, but have grabbed a few from the interwebs that I did see there.From there, we walked to the main plaza and were disappointed to find that the Palace of the Governors is closed for renovations. The plaque said it is the oldest public building in the U. S.

The jewelry vendors lined the whole front of the palace.

And one side of the plaza square is bounded by the Old Santa Fe Trail.

The plaza has cast iron benches, a gazebo, and iron street lights.We walked up capital “hill” and spied the state supreme Court off this walkway. Very unassuming.

Here’s the state seal in the capital.

New Mexico sets aside a lot of funds for public art. Statues and sculptures were all around the capital grounds. And three floors inside had paintings and drawings mounted on the walls.

I didn’t have time to take any pictures except for one exhibit that captivated me.

It was sponsored by the Santa Fe Book Arts Group and titled “No library card needed.”

A couple of artists made art out of cards formerly in a catalog drawer.

Others folded paper into forms.

One artist made a Tabernacle with a Bible underneath. Titled The Shaman’s Book.

And this one.

This is called The Open Book.This Altered Book 74 is words covered by broken bits of blue glass.

And my favorite is titled Mini Library.

Much more to see and appreciate in Santa Fe, but we’ll just have to go back.


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